Skids/Skid Insulation

Alloy Dry Skids

These high nickel / chrome skids are a highly effective alternative to rows
of refractory fusion cast blocks. The system involves a sub hearth layer of
refractory that provides a support base for the metal skids, and a top or
working hearth layer of low cement refractory up to the top level of the metal
skids. As a general statement, the installation of an Alloy Dry Skid system
costs no more, but the life span of the system is considerably longer.

Water cooled Skid pipe systems & Skid Insulation

ETS can source & supply water cooled skid systems for furnaces that are top
& bottom fired. These are usually fabricated from very heavy wall seamless
The insulation of these water cooled pipes is of paramount importance as
they are operating in a furnace at very high temperatures and the heat loss to
the water is a major cost factor and needs to be limited.
The precast skid insulation system that ETS has evolved and perfected over
a long period provides a truly excellent return on investment, of only a few
months, and is a major item in the quest for furnace efficiency.