Flare Stacks

Flare Stacks.

As part of our growing area of expertise, we have secured a partnership with Encore Combustion, Austin Texas, USA, and with their acquisition of Encore Thermoengineering in Milan Italy, offer a wide range of advanced combustion and ignition systems for all the applications required in the Oil & Gas industries and in the petrochemical fields.

Encore Combustion and Encore Thermoengineering is an industry leader in combustion and pollution control technology and have been providing quality flare systems, ignition systems incinerators, indirect heaters and combustion systems for volatile, semi-volatile, and organic compounds since 1979.

Flares are devices which burn or combust industrial gaseous wastes in a safe, controlled and efficient manner. These vapours are produced by industries such as petroleum refining and production, chemical processing, offshore production, chemical loading, natural gas production, steel fabrication, bio-fuel production, waste water treatment and landfills. Encore Combustion’s innovative equipment provides optimum performance in meeting environmental regulations.

Our focus together with Encore Combustion and Encore Thermoengineering is to provide cutting edge combustion and environmental technology, experience, innovation, and superior service; all of which give our growing client base successful solutions and the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

No two projects are the same, but all projects are unique. We blend our experience, technical expertise, local market knowledge, and state-of-the-art technologies to meet our Customer requirements. The result is a custom combustion solution that fits the process – every time.